Beginning January 1, 2016, mold remediation will require an assessment by a NYS-licensed mold assessor.
How Does This Benefit You? This new law ensures that your real property will have an impartial and thorough inspection prior to contacting EPIC, your preferred mold remediation partner. Be sure to get back to us once you have your assessment we will be glad to provide you with a FREE estimate.
Can I read the new law?
Click Here
As the law develops, access any amendments Here
What do I do first?
Your first step is to contact a NYS-licensed mold assessor. Below is a list of assessors that Epic Mold recommends for their impeccable record of reliability and accuracy.
WIN HOME INSPECTION Rich Dowd | 518.583.9861 CONTACT
NOLAN ENGINEERING William Archino | 518.280.3190 CONTACT
THE HOME INSPECTOR, LLC Jason Micare | 518-857-5555 CONTACT
CAPITAL HOME SERVICES, LLC Marcus Snedaker | 518-461-9272 CONTACT
AMTEC INSPECTIONS, LLC Dave Digges | 518.424.6590 CONTACT
ROTONDI MOLD ASSESSORS Marcus Rotondi | 518.852.9090 CONTACT



New York State Licensed Mold Assessors listed on this page are in no way affiliated with
EPIC Mold Solutions and are listed here only as a courtesy for affiliates and agents.
Feel free to research other NYS Licensed Mold Assessors of your choice.